How does a child know what is acceptable or unacceptable? Normal or abnormal? Good or bad? That children aren’t slaves or women aren’t beaten? How do they get out of something they don’t know they’re in? Crawling Out is a true cropped-crawling-out-cover.jpgaccount of the life of a child raised within a dysfunctional family filled with abuse, domestic violence, and alcoholism that continued well into her adult life.

Author Casey Morley has spent the last twenty-five years coping with and crawling out from abuse, working hard to break the cycle to end generations of dysfunction and give her son a chance. Her story chronicles some of the abuse and follows her as she deletes what she was taught and fights to shed fifty-plus years of shame and guilt that weren’t hers to carry. Often dismissed and devalued as a child, Casey defied the odds and overcame a deep sense of worthlessness, unmasked the secrecy many victims carry, and learned to forgive.

Through each struggle, you’ll endure Casey’s pain, admire her strength and courage, and feel her mother’s love as she fought to make life better for her son. Her story seeks to awaken you to the truth about children robbed of their innocence and the toll abuse takes on their lives, often setting them up to repeat history. With awareness as a society, we have the ability to end domestic violence. Crawling Out is that first step.

Her website: http://caseymorley.com/

My Evening At UCONN!!!

On October 25, 2017 I was sharing some of my story, secrets and statistics of domestic violence. A national epidemic that is going on ALL!!!! around us, including adverse childhood experiences our children are enduring. At the First Congregational Church in Southington  https://www.fccsouthington.org/  My audience was very attentive, laughed, cried, and at times shaking their …

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Urge Congrss to Support I-VAWA

I would like to share yet another email I received from Futures Without Violence https://www.futureswithoutviolence.org/ On November 14, 2017 the U.S. Senate re-introduced the International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA), a groundbreaking piece of legislation aimed at preventing violence against women and girls across the globe. The announcement followed the passage of the Women, Peace and …

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